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Our mission and vision

Sukh Tax and Financial Services believes in a 360 approach to client service. We are not only tax accountants, but also financial advisors to our clients. What that means is that we view their personal and business needs as not an extension to their taxation needs, but rather a core element thereof. Having this view, we are not only able to optimize tax planning for our clients, but we are able to offer advice that scopes out to other business and personal finance decisions.













Do you have what it takes?

Sukh Tax recruits for various roles throughout the year. We boast our flat organizational structure, which allows our team members to obtain the experience and growth they are looking for. Given this flat structure, along with the demanding nature of all roles within the firm, we value the following attributes in candidates:

1) Excellent communication skills - we are entirely client facing, and we believe that each and every one of our team members represents the firm as a whole. Having strong communication skills is essential for every one of our team members.

2) Ability and keen interest to learn - we are in an industry where standards, law, and regulations change rapidly. Our team is required to constantly learn and grow their technical knowledge. The ability and willingness to learn is required from all candidates.

3) Strong team player - our team is one, and we leverage the strengths, experience, and expertise of our team members to provide the best experience possible to our clients. An ideal candidate must express demonstrated ability to work in a fast-paced team environment.

4) Technical background in accounting, finance and/or business - tax and financial services require technical knowledge in the field. An ideal candidate will have technical and practical experience in any of accounting, taxation, finance, or business.

What our clients say about us

Why choose us?

Rigorous coaching - whether you are starting off with us or have been with us for numerous years, the coaching and learning never stops. Our flat structure allows for coaching both in a downwards fashion, as well as lateral fashion. In addition to on-the-job coaching, we provide formal technical coaching rigorously throughout the year.

Ample opportunity for growth - thanks to our existing team and our current client base, we have experienced, and continue to experience tremendous growth. Our team has not only grown in numbers, but our team members have had the chance to take on unique roles within the firm.

Competitive compensation - whichever role you take on, we promise you competitive compensation. We take pride in our team and we ensure that every one of our team members is well satisfied with their association with Sukh Tax.

How to apply

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