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Our refund policy &
Basis of Charges


Sukh Tax quotes charges based on general requirements and an estimate of client requirements. Quotation is subject to change based on additional work, additional requirements, and unanticipated hurdles. 

Sukh Tax charges for FILE PREPARATION ONLY; there are no additional charges for remitting the tax return to CRA in the form of paper file or electronic file. Any and all prices quoted are for FILE PREPARATION and become due whether the client chooses to file their return or not. All tax preparation fee is due upon completion of the tax return preparation or proportionately on the portion thereof. 

Once FILE PREPARATION is complete, all fees are non-refundable.


Our fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.

Sukh Tax charges a fee based on the work performed and time spent, sometimes quoting the total fee before preparation, and for complex matters, providing an invoice after the work is performed. In both circumstances, all fees payable or paid for the work performed are NON-REFUNDABLE. 

All invoices are due upon receipt, unless otherwise mentioned. 


Sukh Tax stands by its quality of work, and for that reason, we offer a 100% accuracy guarantee for lifetime of the tax return. 

In the future, if you find error in our work, that relates strictly to our mistake or omission, we will correct the error free of charge. This excludes any issues resulting from missed documents, incomplete information, not replying to CRA letters, or any position taken by you, your decision to not claim a credit or deduction, or changes in tax law. 


Sukh Tax is not to be held liable for completeness of the tax return. All responsibility for completeness lies with the client, including but not limited to: 

  • Providing all information 

  • Providing consistent information 

  • Providing all documents and support 

  • Providing truthful information and all relevant facts 

  • Providing additional information as requested 


Client remains responsible for all CRA Letters received, and any correspondence with the CRA. Sukh Tax provides guidance and support where needed to help the client respond to such CRA matters, but Sukh Tax does not assume responsibility over any such correspondence (unless engaged for audit support engagement). The client is responsible for attending to all CRA matters on a timely manner and providing any and all documentation and information requested by the CRA.

The client is also responsible for verifying the authenticity of CRA calls and letters and Sukh Tax is not responsible for any scam or phishing calls or letters received by the client. If guidance and help is needed on the matter, Sukh Tax encourages all of our clients to please reach out to us before you give any confidential information or remit any amount to what you believe to be CRA.


Notice of Assessment is received by the client within 2-4 weeks of tax filing, but can take up to 8 weeks. This is received directly at the mailing address provided by the client or in their CRA account if opted for electronic Notice of Assessment option. Sukh Tax does not receive a copy of the NOA, nor is Sukh Tax responsible for providing the client with a copy. Safe keeping of the NOA is the responsibility of the client. 

In the event that the client misplaces their NOA, or does not receive the NOA, the client can request CRA to re-send the Notice of Assessment. If the client wishes to request Sukh Tax to obtain the NOA, there will be separate charges for the service, outside of normal tax filing fees.


Should you have questions concerning this Agreement, you may contact Sukh Tax & Financial Services Inc.

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