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Incorporation & Structuring

Whether you are starting a new business, incorporating an existing business, or adding an entity to a group of corporations, we can help you with your next steps. We go beyond the incorporation process to ensure that your new entity is ready for the intended purpose. 

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Federal Corporation 

A Canada Corporation can give you the flexibility you need to relocate your corporation as needed anywhere in Canada, as long you register the corporation in the province in which you are operating. Further, in the event that you have a named corporation, the name protection extends federally. 


Ontario Corporation 

If you are looking to operate primarily in Ontario, an Ontario corporation may be suitable for your business needs. Name protection extends across the province. If you change your mind and wish to operate in another province, you can also register your Ontario corporation in the new province of operation. 


Professional Corporation 

Your profession may require or encourage incorporating professional corporation. Our team has the expertise in the requirements of various professional bodies, and can help you navigate these requirements to be onside with your professional association. 


Shareholder agreements, corporate by-laws, and structuring 

Incorporating alone isn't enough, especially if you are dealing with an ongoing business, multiple shareholders, and more complex structures. We can help you with documentation required to avoid issues in the future. 


Incorporating a sole proprietorship

You operated as a sole proprietor and are now looking to incorporate your business. Simply transferring assets or preparing a sale-and-purchase agreement can result in tax consequences. Our team can help you with this transfer to minimize or avoid tax consequences associated with this shift. 

Let's Work Together

Give us a call or visit one of our offices to learn more about how we can help you. 

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